Portrait of Mohammed-Yousuf Hamid

I'm Mohammed, an experienced Front-End Developer

I'm an experienced Web Developer currently working for an award winning software development agency, I'm involved in the development of custom WordPress themes and complex Laravel systems using Filament. I leverage my expertise in JavaScript, React, and Next.js to bring my personal projects to life.

Outside of my professional role, I enjoy exploring new programming languages, tools, and emerging technologies through personal projects. You can see my enthusiasm for acquiring and sharing new skills and knowledge on my GitHub and projects page. My strong dedication to learning and creating has enabled me to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Aside from my passion for web/software, I have a variety of hobbies and interests to maintain a balanced lifestyle. I go to the gym to improve my physical fitness. I have an interest in combat sports, especially Boxing and MMA; I follow the latest fights closely. I like to disconnect from the screens by going on walks and reading books. Currently, I'm diving into Atomic Habits by James Clear.

🧩 Fun fact: I can solve the 3x3 Rubiks Cube in under 20 seconds!